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Main Lightroom Course

(course suitable for  all versions inc Lightroom CC Classic & Lightroom CC

On the Course you will learn to use and get the best from Adobe Lightroom to manage, edit and output your images.


Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photography workflow tool allowing you to organise, edit, and output your photographs. With the growing number of images generated by photographers for both business & leisure, Lightroom has become the photography tool of choice. Our Course, based in Berkshire (50mins from London), covers all versions including Lightroom 3,4, 5, 6, CC,Classic etc. On the Lightroom course, we take you through each step in a patient methodical way from setting up, understanding the Lightroom workspace, importing photos, editing images in detail and non-destructively (important). We then move on to cover the various options for creating & sharing your output including printing & slideshows. Attendees receive professional tuition along with plenty of practical hands-on help with their images and tips on organising their photos. Our Lightroom course is also suitable for Lightoom Classic, 6, CC, Mobile, 4, 5, 6, cc2015, and those who have signed up for the Adobe Photography or CC plan

Our Adobe Lightroom training course covers each stage of your workflow with a patient, methodical approach. Suitable for all versions of Lightroom 3,4,5, 6, cc,2014,2015,6,2017,18 classic, LR mobile



How to manage, edit and output your photos with Adobe Lightroom

During the 1-day course you will learn step by step:-

Lightroom setup / planning

How does Lightroom actually work

Raw, jpeg and dng options

Lightroom workspace

Importing into Lightroom, file types, renaming,

Organising, tagging, flagging, and Collections

The Lightroom Library Module

The Lightroom Develop Module

Multiple options for editing your images

Export from Lightroom e.g. for printing, email, iPad



Small groups of 2 - 4 people max


14 Oct ‘18  Full


18 Nov ‘18  Full


20 Jan ‘18  Full   


Sat 9 March   Available   Book: below right  


More dates / 1 to 1 options  email


Location - Newbury, Berkshire


Price  £139 pp   Bookings> Below  



Attendees are welcome to bring your own photos


** More dates: see 1-to-1 options below

Reduced 1-to-1 tuition fees


Attendees also receive “getting started with lightroom” helpful memory jogger+videos

Tuition is based in Newbury, Berkshire and is within easy reach of surrounding areas such as London, Hampshire, Oxon, Wiltshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, (within 1hr from London).

We also receive attendees from further afield including Kent, Essex, Bedfordshire, Gloucs, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and South Wales and the Midlands.

Other courses available, including specific camera courses e.g. Canon 7d, 750d, 650d, 700d, 750d, 60d, 70d, 80d,77d Nikon D3300, D3400, 5300, D5500, D7100, D7200, D7500, D750 etc  email

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Office Hours  Mon -Sat  9.30 - 5pm

One of the best ways to learn Lightroom is by working through realistic workflows with your actual images. Attendees are encouraged to bring some of their own shots which we can use as example import images to take you through real world workflow scenarios.


One of the most beneficial aspects of Lightroom is that edits are non-destructive - you can make a wide range of changes to your images - Lightroom does not touch the originals but saves the details allowing you to undo or modify them at any time. We work through multiple examples of this in practice on the course, followed by numerous export options for different uses such as print, web, slideshows etc. Plenty of tips for organising your images too, as well as using 2 computers, travel scenarios and moving Lightroom to another  computer

Adobe Lightroom™ workspace

Topics covered during the one-day Adobe Lightroom Training session

1 to 1 tuition options



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Dealing with exposure, brightness, contrast, colour...

...white balance. adjustment brushes, gradients, lens ...corrections and more...applied to attendees photos

Using the Slideshow module, Print to showcase your work

Dealing with Exif, metadata, watermarks, backup

Practical professional help and tips for photographers

Course covers Lightroom 4, 5, 6, 2015, Classic, CC

Price £139 pp

(please email chosen date after booking)